mardi 3 juin 2014

Fetch, a very short film

Hello guys,

We are really proud to announce that we have finally finished our short film rendered with appleseed "Fetch, a very short film"

You can watch it here or go to

Fetch from appleseedhq on Vimeo.

Its a 19 month long side project done with the help of my friend François Beaune and many other people like Jonathan Topf and Ulric Santore to name a few.

See you later for the next one ! :)

2 commentaires:

Thomas a dit…

Congratulations guys! Amazing work!!!

piou a dit…

une petite fille, un gros chien, une lumière de fin du monde, ça me parle :D
sérieusement, c'est élégant, c'est comme toi, bravo pour le taf c'est impressionnant.
bonne continuation alors