lundi 16 décembre 2013

Work in progress : Fetch - Random farm

Greetings fluffy ones,

We are finalizing the second part of our short film and dozens of pictures are rendered every day.

Have a closer look on my lovely blue puppy !

lundi 10 juin 2013

FETCH - Preview

Here is our first official preview of FETCH, the short we are working on with François.
Have a look and feel free to comment !
Later I'll post something about how and why.

Fetch Preview from appleseedhq on Vimeo.

See you around the Annecy Film Festival !!!

Work in progress : Mescaline - the Name and the Festival

Greetings Birds,

This week is full of "Annecy Animation Film Festival" around here. Attendees are arriving, getting their passes and getting ready to set the town on fire. Under the rain. We need those people.

François and I are finalising our official preview of FETCH for the festival, codename "Mescaline", our second short film made with appleseed the free-rendering-engine. To be clear, we aren't competing at the festival but we will show everything we have to everyone we drink a beer with.

My last post was about introducing our main character, now its time to meet her eternal nemesis, Wolfgang.

This shot is full of path tracing rays / motion blurred pixels / depth of field  / exr files / aovs / whatever you want. Have a look at the features this crazy renderer has. Its really cool.

Tomorrow, another post with moving pictures. And sound.

vendredi 17 mai 2013

Work in progress : Mescaline - The Hood

Hey Birds,

I have been working for a year now on a little short of our own. The working title is Mescaline. My dear friend François is working on it as well. I'm doing the art, he is doing the tech. Simple as that.
Now its time for me to show a bit of what we already did. 

First things first, the main character, the Hood.

More to come in the next days, stay tuned !